Gostaresh Shahed Transportation Co.

Gostaresh Shahed Forwarder,affiliated to Iranian Renovation & Development Organization and shahed Investment company in which the honourable martyrs children are of its shareholders.

 is one of the Iranian land forwarders,having an equipped transportation navigation, owning more than one hundred F12 trailers as well as 300 trucks at disposal.

Therefore,according to the technical and scientific principles and rapidity in transportation operation Also enjoying a modern planning in implementation of optimized services to the goods owners and contract parties,this company could transport most of the products of state- run organizations and companies ,such as

SAIPA,Iran Khodro,Pars Khodro,Iran Khodro Diesel (Khavar) ,SAIPA Diesel (Iran Kaveh),Sugar Organization ,Tea State Organization, Navard Looleh Ahvaz, and ...


 حمل و نقل جاده ای

حمل و نقل ریلی

حمل و نقل دریایی

whitin 12 Past Years,from border Customes,In this direction,this company has enjoyed a special position,so much so that from viewpoint of rapidity and quickness of services and optimized freight, could introduce itself as one of the capable companies in the field of transportation and cargo discharge.

Head Office : #52, 12th Eastern st,Beyhaghi Ave,Argentina Sq.
P.O.Box : 15875/1978
Tel : 00982188731142,00982188731143
Fax : 00982188733410

Ahvaz Branch : all # 42,Ahvaz Terminal
Tel : 00986113907525-6
Fax : 00986113907527

برای مشاهده لیست کامل نمایندگیها کلیک فرمائید.

Gostaresh Shahed
سیستم صدور بارنامه تحت وب

شرکت حمل و نقل گسترش شاهد نسبت به صدور بارنامه تحت سیستم وب در کلیه شعب و نمایندگی های خود اقدام نموده است .

برای رهگیری وضعیت کالاهای خود به این بخش مراجعه فرمائید .

برای مشاهده  تعرفه های  حمل و نقل کلیک فرمائید.

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